Over a hundred catering facilities operate on the Island of Lošinj, as well as the surrounding islands. Numerous restaurants, taverns, bistros, buffets and pizzerias provide a rich and diverse culinary offer of the area.

Specialties based on seafood, dishes made according to traditional recipes with the ever-present wild-growing plants and aromatic herbs, natural condiments and olive oil are the basic features of the island cuisine.

The prosciutto, salted pilchards and mollusk salad are some of the cold appetizers you should not miss. As for warm appetizers, choose between the various risottos and pastas with seafood, maneštras and domestic brodetto. Fresh sea fish, shrimp, squid prepared in different ways, seashells and lamb baked under a lid are some of the specialties this island has to offer. Try a homemade salad like arugula and chicory, and enjoy the fresh marjoram, basil, sage, balm, thyme, rosemary and laurel they add to the food.

Make sure you try the wine and homemade herbal brandy. We recommend the local wines from the Island of Susak. Once upon a time, as much as 95% of the island was covered with vine. Nowadays, it is no longer a “floating vineyard’’, but it still has its autochthonous varieties of dark grapes – Susac and Sušćan crni – as well as a variety of unknown origin called Trojišćina (Uva di Troia), the grapes of which are used locally for production of high-quality rosé under the same name.



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